Your Body's Sign Language.

Book Cover: Your Body's Sign Language, Clues to Nutritional Well Being by James W. McAfee, CCN.

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Combined with wisdom, depth, and dignity, this book is an outstanding achievement from an excellent lecturer and instructor in nutrition.--Dr. Arthur Furst, Ph. D., Texicologist, Distinguished University Professor, Emeritus, University of San Francisco

Clearly and concisely written on the concrete foundation of peer review science. This book offers positive answers to the health challenges of our age.--Bruce A.J. Dewe, M.D., NZRK Dean, International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice

This most enlightening book and uniquely written book navigates the novice through a complex and fascinating subject. It is must reading for both the professional and the layman striving for optimal health.--Dr. John S. Riddel, Chiropractor, Pleasant Hill, California

A must-read for those individuals undergoing the stresses and swift pace of day-to-day life in a technological age… No matter how great your diet is, you are still at risk for chronic, stress-related illnesses. Jim McAfee’s book provides a simple road map to find your way back to optimal health.--Anne Kemp, J.D., Nationwide expert legal consultant, Unabomber and Erin Brokivich cases, Educater and author of Litigation Management Technologies.

This book is excellent material for self-care and appropriate health education toward successful aging. The quality of information is so relevant that even international organizations such as WHO would be proud to disseminate to all population levels.--Dr. Joaquin Gonzalez Aragon, M.D., Gerontologist and anti-aging expert. Pioneer of the aging sciences in Mexico and Latin America. Author of eight books on longevity medicine.

Your Body's Sign Language, Clues to Nutritional Well-Being. A book by James W. McAfee, CCN.
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