Your Body's Sign Language.

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Thank you for the book and the very nice remarks! You have done an outstanding bit of work with the book. Its arrangement is so logical, easy to read, with so much good information the document is very good and useful. Congratulations!!
Arthur Furst

I have always enjoyed your tapes, and gotten so much from them. Now this book! The introduction is so well done. It has an easy, yet informative style that captivates you. I have been too busy to sit and read much, so I haven't gotten to the meat of it yet. However, I have used it as a reference with people's questions.
Thank you for all the hard work you put into it! Can't wait to see #2! If it took you a quarter of a century to finish the first one, do you think I will be here or in heaven when the second one comes out?Much God bless and appreciation,
Judy RN, BSN

So excited to finally have your new book ready to go! What a life changing blessing it will be for so many. How can we ever thank you! Blessings in Christ--
Linda Mailen (Kansas)

I am so excited for you on your new book! Thank you so much for doing it and sending me the books. It will be a pleasure giving the books to people!

I enjoyed very much Your Body's Sign Language: Clues to Nutritional Well-Being. It's absolutely perfect. I will treasure it in my reference book library always. Thank you so much.

Jim, the books are fantastic. And terrific. And helpful. And great. And a must for everyone. And I hope you have ordered another printing, because I need another boxfull!!!! I showed one to a Doctor I see once every pancake day and he ordered a copy right then and there.
Doreen (Australia)

Just a note to say hello and thank you for sending the book! It is really a wonderful life work, very beautifully done, an incredibly unique resource! Congratulations and many thanks,
Kathryn & Jim

The book is wonderful. Cover is great as well.
|Joyce & Clay

Thanks for your gracious and generous gift you sent of your very fascinating and informative book Your Body's Sign Langauge. Can hardly wait for time to finish it. In the meantime I am having difficulty tearing the book from my wife's hands. She is devouring every page with fascination and appreciation. It is obvious the Lord has gifted and equipped you in an area all too frequently ignored by the body of Christ. I sometimes wonder if anyone is aware that there is as much hope in the scriptures for our body as for our soul. If anyone should listen to the language of the body it is a Christian believer with high confidence in the authority and power of the Word of God.
Howard G. Hendricks, Distinguished Professor, Chairman, Center for Christian Leadership