Your Body's Sign Language.

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Chapter 1
Concept of Body Signs

Chapter 2
Body Shape: The Big Picture

Glycemic Index Information []

Chapter 3
Scalp and Hair: The Crown on Our Heads

Chapter 4
Eyes and Forehead: Windows of the Soul

Chapter 5
Nose and Ears: Our Ventilation and Sound Systems

Dangerous Decibels [] Noise induced hearing loss.

Chapter 6
Mouth and Teeth: Our Megaphone

PFPC Fluoride Education Project []
Fluorides and Fluoridation Site []
Fluoride Action Network []
Fluoridation Research Site []
Serum Compatibility Testing []
American Academy of Biological Dentistry [] MERCURY FREE DENTIST INFORMATION
International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology [] MERCURY FREE DENTIST INFORMATION

Chapter 7
Neck and Shoulders: Pedestal for the Head

Chapter 8
The Skin: Our Birthday Suit

Chapter 9
Hands and Fingers: Remote Sensing Devices

Chapter 10
Back and Legs: Our Locomotive Devices

Chapter 11
Elimination: Our Sanitation System

Chapter 12
Appetite and Digestion: Our Energy Supply

GERD Medical Site []
Ulcers and H pylori []
Barry Marshall H pylori site []

Chapter 13
The Brain and Nerves: Our Onboard Computer System
University of Calgary Research on Mercury and the Brain []

Work of Guillette and Meze in Sonora, Mexico on Pesticides and Brain Development: []
Peter Breggin Web Site on Psychiatric Medications []

Chapter 14:
Interna Organs and Conditions: The Ghost in the Machine

Chapter 15:
Male and Female: Provision for Posterity